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Use all the senses

Remember to use all the senses when you describe something in your writing.

How would you describe this? You could start with the color, but don't forget the shape. How does it feel? Is it light or heavy in the hand? What is the texture of its surface? Does it have a scent? How might it sound if you crushed it in your hand? What does it taste like? (I don't recommend tasting unknown plants or substances. You don't want to end up in the emergency room!)

Here's an excerpt from Riverswept in which I tried to incorporate several of the senses:

She lay on her back and listened to the rain. Her heart found and matched the rhythm in its steady drum. She heard the peep-peep-peep of tree frogs. Lightning sparked the heavens, transforming the bedroom into monochrome for an instant. Thunder followed a few seconds later, sounding very much like a heavy cart rolling across the sky.

She turned on her side, her back to Finn. He rolled over then and spooned her, his legs snug against hers. Draping his arm across her waist, he rested his knuckles against her stomach. He buried his face in her hair and whispered, “Good night, Molly.”

A current of warmth washed over her, its waves pushing her down, down, into an unfathomable sea of sleep.

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