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That time Henry McCarthy interviewed me


I've been a guest on several radio programs but my favorite experience has to be the first time Henry McCarthy interviewed me. He's a master of putting his guests at ease and he really digs deep with his questions. He's funny and charming and very knowledgeable about writers and writing. He's also a poet.

This took place in the spring of 2010, I believe. I performed readings from St. Peter's Monsters and Sawmill Boys, but the conversation also veered onto topics such as The Beatles, Charles Bukowski, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Henry's show Poets and Writers is broadcast on Emory and Henry's radio station, WEHC 90.7 and as the name implies, it showcases poets and writers.

A collection of recordings from Henry's show is found in The Southern Folklife Collection at the Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

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